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DesignbySig is pleased to announce the creation of our new and exciting division, CrazySexyCool. CrazySexyCool shares the same vision and craftsmanship as DesignBySig at a price suited for a young person’s budget.

My travels around our planet have shaped my worldview and inspired three lines within the collection:

Coexist: using religious and spiritual art, these pieces send the message of peace with no judgment based on religion, nation or color.

Live & Let Love: using the beauty of nature, these pieces promote equality and justice for all and celebrate diverse ways to live and love.

World: using recycled natural stones, recycled metals and handmade crafts, these pieces represent our dire need to preserve and fix our planet.

Earth is filled with incredible places and peoples and I believe we must all do our part to keep the planet and everyone who inhabits it nurtured, healthy and whole. People have called me “crazy” for believing I can use my art and passion to share my messages of love and world unity. Mainstream society tells us often that there are few ways to be “sexy” and “cool”. I hope these pieces inspire you to feel crazy, sexy, cool and proud of it. I hope they move you to celebrate the diverse beauty our world holds.

My pieces are created with the best of materials, including sterling silver, gold, gold filled, stainless steel, copper and other specialty items imported from around the world.

I am sure you will find pieces that suit your own personal CrazySexyCool style.

Live & Let Love


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